NAHER stylists are trained to take care of you whether your hair is WET or DRY!

We simply recommend you to wash your hair the day or the day before your appointment if possible. Of course, if your appointment is at home, feel free to wash your hair right before it.

We respect your schedule and therefore set up specific durations based on the service provided. Each appointment begins with a brief consultation.


  • Touch up 35 minutes
  • Blowout 45 minutes
  • Haircut 60 minutes
  • Styling 60 minutes
  • Bridal 60-90+ minutes



  • Cut 30 minutes
  • Cut + Beard 45 minutes

We are continuously improving NAHER to provide our clients with the best service. At this time, NAHER is only available on iPhone. Please send us an email ( and we’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as the Android app becomes available.

As early as you wish. We can serve you up to 30 minutes prior the booking time requested based on our stylists’ availability. There are two ways of booking:

  • Real-time (“Book now”) : you can book an appointment last minute i.e within the next 4 hours.
  • In advance (“Book later”) : you can book an appointment in advance i.e up to 3 months prior the service. 

If you choose a real-time booking :

  • You cannot pick your stylist but our app will match you with the best stylists available in your area;
  • You can only book touch ups, blowouts or haircuts. Styling and bridal services must be reserved in advance.

If you book in advance :

  • You can either choose your stylist or select the quick assign option.

OF COURSE! We definitely understand how important it is to be taken care by a stylist you trust. You can book your favorite stylist when you book your appointment in advance. You can easily rebook your favorite stylist from the homepage by clicking on My Favorite Stylists or by browsing the directory when setting up your appointment. Your favorite stylist will show up first in the directory if he/she is available at the time requested.

Your stylist will carry any products needed for your service from water spray to hairspray.

For now, we are delighted to serve Paris area as well as Neuilly-Sur-Seine and Boulogne-Billancourt. We will expand our service shortly. Sign up for the newsletter on the homepage and we will keep you posted or email us at

You can change the service you booked up to 4 hours prior your booking time.

We DO! We love large parties. Our stylists are delighted to take care of you and your guests. When you select the service, please add the number of people to be served whether At the Same Time (as many stylists as clients) or Back to Back (same stylist taking care of several clients back to back). The same service is applicable for every additional person. If you would like people, part of the group, to receive different services, we suggest that everyone of them books its own service separately.

BRIDAL services is definitely one of our priorities. We take care of the bride, her mother, the maids of honor, any other guests of your choice and of course…the groom! For the bride, please select Bridal in services; for the bride and her mother, please select Bride & Mother; for any other guests, please select Styling.

You can send us an email or call us via the app. Our info are in your app menu in the Help section. You can also send us an email at

Our app is based on the utmost technology, being constantly up-to-date. Therefore, the app will give you our full availability. Our stylists are available for you from 6am to 11pm. It might be possible that last minute services be not available for a short period of time when we experience a very high demand at peak hours. However, we do our best to provide you with a hairdresser at any time.

YES! We have created a Style Book option for you. Once your appointment is confirmed, you can send a picture of your hair to your hairdresser or the clothes you will wear for an event. Once your service is done, your hairdresser no longer have access to your portfolio. You can add a title to the pictures with a brief description, delete them, upload new ones. Have fun and share any picture with your private hairdresser!

NAHER ZINE is a digital magazine dedicated to share with you the best of the hair and fashion trends from New York to Paris. We want to inspire you. We will give you some tips, update you with the best VIP looks, and suggest news trends. Stay tuned, follow our ZINE and social media. We are on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!


No more hassle, no more cash! For your convenience, NAHER only accepts payments by credit cards. All major credit cards are accepted including VISA, American Express, Mastercard.

You can cancel your appointment with no fee up to 4 hours prior the service. No refund of the booking fee (1.95€) though. If you cancel less than 4 hours prior the booking time, you will be charged for the full service. For more information, please read the NAHER terms or our cancellation policy on our website or your app.

For a blowout or braid, we request ypu have”Wet Hair,In The Chair.”This means you should wash your hair 20 minutes prior to the appointment so your hair is damp but not soaking wet.For touch need to shampoo before your appointment.Dry hair is the best,and we reccomend you wash it the day before your appointment to see the best result.

You can reschedule your appointment at no cost up to 4 hours prior the booking time. Thereafter, you will be charge for the full service. If you reschedule more than 4 hours prior your appointment, no additional booking fee (1.95€) will be charged.

An administrative fee is due on every service. The booking fee is currently 1.95€. It will not be charged again if you would like to reschedule your appointment on time. The booking fee is non-refundable in case of a cancellation done either more or less than 4 hours prior to the booking time.


Our stylist are recruited based on a strict protocol implemented and driven by NAHER’s management in close collaboration with ALBAN TRAVIA, NAHER’s Chief Creative Officer. They are carefully selected based on their skills, experience, and personality.

ALBAN TRAVIA gives every NAHER stylist an ongoing 20-hour-training-program to provide you with the highest quality of service.

If you book last minute, the selection will be automatic. Our application will match you with the best hairdresser in your area.

If you book in advance, you can either choose your stylist including your favorite stylist or select the quick assign option. You can also rebook a stylist you had previously by clicking on My Favorite Stylists on the homepage.


YES! We are delighted to please your loved ones. You can buy a gift on our website ( or on your IOS app.

To redeem a gift, you need to log into your app account. In Menu, select Gifts, then Add a Gift Code. Once the gift code is added to your wallet, it will be automatically applied against your next booking.



  • Touch up 49€
  • Blowout 55€
  • Haircut 75€
  • Styling 119€
  • Bridal 199€
    • Bridal – trial 119€
    • Bride & Mother 299€



  • Cut 65€
  • Cut + Beard 85€


Peak-hour prices (15% up) will be applied for any reservations starting during one of the periods of time indicated below:

  • Monday to Saturday: 6-9am or 8-11pm
  • Sunday
  • National holidays (Jour de l’An, Lundi de Paques, Fete du travail, 8 mai 1945, Jeudi de l’Ascension, Lundi de Pentecôte, Fête Nationale, Assomption, Toussaint, Armistice, Noel).

You do not have to add any gratuity. However, feel free to give a tip to your stylist if you would like. The tip cannot be charged via the application though.