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mercredi, mars 7th, 2018

Directrice artistique et fondatrice de Love Shack Fancy, Rebecca Cohen est une source d’inspiration inépuisable. Cette amoureuse de la France a créé en quelques années la nouvelle marque bohême-chic incontournable. Plus qu’un look c’est un style de vie qu’elle insuffle à la mode new-yorkaise avec talent et légèreté. Rencontre dans le West Village avec cette femme hors du commun…dans la langue de Shakespeare !

Paris or New York?

New York is my home, I was born and raised here. Paris is my other true love!

What’s your background? Had you always been interested in fashion?

I was at Cosmopolitan for about eight years, and while I was there, I had been looking for bridesmaid dresses and couldn’t find any. I decided to work with a pattern-maker in the design district to design my dresses. I did that, and they were these beautiful long halter chiffon gowns. [From there] I did a single-layer dress, and someone asked if I could do the dress as a skirt and if I could do a top to go with it, so I started playing around with a few key pieces. The idea was to keep it super simple—everything you could twist and knot into a ball and throw in your suitcase. I had this little side business doing trunk shows out in the Hamptons, and then the dresses started selling really well. I decided to start the business, [and] it kept evolving very organically.

Where does the name Love Shack Fancy come from?

My mom used to be the creative director at Seventeen magazine. We’ve collected vintage our whole lives, and she was going to start a prop-styling business online out of her house in Bridgehampton, [so she left Seventeen]. What she would do is style different houses and call them love shacks. We were doing a shoot with a British magazine, and someone had said it’s love shack, but it’s love shack fancy, and she loved that. She had the name, and then when I was starting the business, I was thinking of a million names and nothing felt right except for Loveshackfancy.

Now that you’ve honed your message, who would you say you’re designing for?

The eclectic romantic. Connecting the past to present with vintage and romantic inspired pieces. It is feminine and old world, yet sexy and modern at the same time.

I’ve heard you are about to open your first stores. How exciting! Can you tell us more about that?

We are opening a lifestyle store in Sag Harbor this summer, bringing in elements of travel, home, little girls and entertaining. You will be able to buy anything in the store- it’s a reflection of how I live and bringing my home to the retail space. Some of my selections are: Dressing tables with antique laces Vintage and new straw hats and bags Collection of books Pillows Handworked silver frames and mirrors And of course our gorgeous women’s and little girls collections!

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own line?

If you have a vision and a passion to create something it’s one thing, but you need the infrastructure to succeed now. It’s much harder than it seems. It is so rewarding and inspiring, but a lot of hard work and you must always be on. I think now it’s important to carve out your own niche and make sure you have an authentic vision and voice. Something that makes you stand out from the others. Keep growing and evolving but don’t lose your original aesthetic or vision- your customers want someone and something to connect to.

A glass of Meursault or a cosmo?


Your favorite restaurant in NYC?

Sant Ambreous in the West Village

Your it-bag?

Straw bag

Something you love in Paris and don’t find in NYC?

Long lunches at outside cafes with wine and friends.

Où trouver sa collection? Sur Net-a-Porter, Shopbop et Revolve. En France, chez By Marie, By Johanne, Sarl Patch et Le Club 55 !

Shhh…It’s our secret! Et pour accompagner ces tenues qui nous font rêver, on opte pour un chignon romantique ou un wavy très naturel.


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